SOUNDPROOFING - Sound enclosures

Sound enclosures reduce the noise reflected from the surfaces of machinery and offer protection against harmful ambient factors.

The degree of sound reduction that can be achieved, particularly in the low frequency range, is primarily determined by the dimensions of the exterior shell, the type of filling material and the relative size of the air gap required by the design.

In the case of the high-frequency noises typically generated by, for example, turbines and turbo compressors, a construction without joints is particularly important. Standard sound enclosures cut noise by up to 25 dB, while custom-engineered designs achieve reductions of over 40 dB. In principle, the acoustic design takes account of the frequency in consideration of the noise range radiated by machinery, in order to meet requirements for admissible noise emissions at the workplace or in the surroundings.

Sound enclosures can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be supplied in walk-in or non-walk-in form.

On request, we can also integrate supplementary electrical equipment, forced ventilation, lighting and other accessories in the scope of supply.

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